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Dorothea Warren Fox

Miss Twiggley's Tree

Funny Miss Twiggley lived in a tree with a dog named Puss and a color TV.

They hauled up the major and the chief of Police, and sweet Trudy Wilmot, the groceyman's niece.

Dorothea Warren was born on January 31, 1914 in Birmingham, Alabama. She attended Birmingham-Southern College, married Charles Fox in 1940 and had four children.  She worked as a commercial artist and illustrator.

The rumor is true!  Purple House Press has reprinted this classic.  New copies are now available for $17.95!

* designates a title still in print
Follow Me, the Leader.  Parents Magazine Press, 1968.
*Miss Twiggley's Tree. Parents Magazine Press, 1966, 2002.

Illustrated by Fox
Pitts, Lilla Belle. Singing As We Play. Ginn And Company, 1957.
Spock, Dr. Benjamin. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.  Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1946.
Streeter, Edward. Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter. Harper & Brothers, 1956
Streeter, Edward. Mr. Hobbs' Vacation. Harper & Brothers, 1954.
Winn, Marcia.  We Learn About Ourselves. Primer for  Parents: A Guide to the First Six Years of Life. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1954

Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter

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Miss Twiggley's Tree.  Parents Magazine Press, 1966.  Rubbing to edges of spine and corners, otherwise a very good copy of a desireable book.  VG.  $35

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Miss Twiggley's Tree. Purple House Press, 2002.  Now in stock.  New hardcovers, $18.95

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I am hoping you can help me! I remember a book from my childhood - I don't remember the title or author because I was a kid - you know how that is! The story was of a woman who lived in a treehouse with her pet dog - I believe it was a chihuahua. She was picked on by all of the townsfolk for being an eccentric woman and the fact that she lived in a treehouse. Also, the dog is picked on by the town's dogs because he is little and helps carry the old woman's groceries. One day the town is bombarded by a rain storm that causes great flooding - the old woman helps the townspeople and hangs hammocks in her treehouse thus rescuing them from the flood. Also the chihuahua takes in the dogs of the town and I remember a picture at the end of all of them in the treehouse and the dogs are playing poker. It's really a cute story and my co-workers think I'm crazy for even attempting to find it! Please help!

Yes, yes, yes! I remember this book! I'm pretty sure it was called Mrs. Twilley's Treehouse. In fact, I was going to post a message to you, because I would love to see this book again. I remember the story, though I don't remember a chihuahua. What I do remember is she had a pet yak, and she would make flyswatters out of hairs from the yak's tail. The yak helped save the townspeople from the flood, though he got very sick doing so. But in the end he lived, and everyone accepted Mrs. Twilley. If the title helps track down this book, please let me know who the author is. Thanks for a fantastic web site.

I know the book I remember had a small dog, not a yak; however, I do think the title may be correct. Please let me know if you can find this book, I would love to have it again - I don't care if it's hardcover or paperback. Thanks! I love your site!!!!

In the comments about Miss Twiggley's Tree, someone described a book about rain and a yak. That book is Alexander and the Magic Mouse. All I could remember originally was that there was an old lady, a yak, and possibly an alligator, maybe named Alexander. When I did a web search for yak and children's book, I found your website. The description of the yak getting sick after a rainstorm reminded me that the story was about a rainstorm. A search of yak and rain at the Library of Congress got me the title. My most vivid memories of the book are the illustrations. I don't remember the story at all, but I remember what Alexander, the old lady, and the Yak look like.

Growing up, this was my favorite!  I found it in a library a few years back  hadn't thought about it until then.  Now, I am in search of it.  What I remember most about this lovely book is the sense of warmth and safety I would get when I read it.  I feel it now even as I think about the glow coming from inside the treehouse during the dark and stormy night.  I have searched BN.com and amazon.com  they only had very expensive rare copies.  I am looking for a used copy of this book  not necessarily a rare used copy.  I would appreciate any info you can give, or, even better, a copy of this delightful book. My husband thinks I'm crazy I NEED this book.  Thanks!

I am searching for this book to surprise my little brother at Christmas from Santa.  This was his favorite (and memorized) book from childhood. Thank you.

I would like to purchase two of these.  I thought that it was to be re-released this year (after 25 years).  Can you give me any info. on this book?

I can't believe so many people loved this book.  My family thinks I'm crazy that I can even remember the name of it.  I had it when I was 6 years old until about 17 - I'm 34 now.  I lent it my high school for their children's program and never got it back.  I was so upset.  So now I'm looking for a used copy for my children.

My daughter had this book when she was young and it was her favorite book besides Thirteen Cousins.  I got it through A mail order book club in the 1970's.  We have all of the other books except these two.  She still talks about it and I want to get one for her little ones.  She learned to read from this book and it is very special to her.

I have a print that is titled: Dinner For Five and signed by Dorthea Warren Fox. It is copyright 1954 by E.B. Inc. Printed in USA. The print is included in "A Portfolio of Pictures" - on the cover it says... "SUITABLE FOR FRAMING, PAINTED ESPECIALLY FRO BRITANNICA U.S. ILLUSTRATORS OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS. The other illustrations are by: Feodor Rojankovsky, Rafaello Busoni, and Adren A. Watson.  I'm curious to find out if these are of any value? Thank you.

I bought this book as part of a book club back in about 1967 along with Old Black Witch and Miss Suzy and a couple of others.  I think it was get 6 books for 99cents and buy some more for a few dollars each.  I can't believe the prices the thing is bringing now, although it was one of my children's favorites, and I want another copy for my grandchildren.  I wonder why it hasn't been re-printed. It appears to be the author's only children's book.

Hi!  I've been racking my brains trying to remember the name of this book! I'm not sure where to to look for it, but it would be fun to be able to have a copy of it.  It was one of my favourites ... I even dressed up like her for Dress-Up day in grade school.  If you find one, will you let me know?  I'm not sure how it would work, but I would LOVE to have that book again  =)  Thanks!

I really enjoyed reading all these comments. I am so very fortunate to still have my copy of this book from 1966.This was my absolute, all time favorite book. I still get a thrill everytime I read the rhyme...it just sings to you! I also have this book memorized and can read it to my kids without ever looking at the words.I was interested in the coment from someone else who said this and "another book about cousins was their favorite. Mine too ! I think it was titled 18 Cousins. I have it somewhere at my moms and will have to find it.

I always loved this book as a child and would very much like to have a copy to share with my daughter.  I was always fascinated by the story of this rather eccentric woman whose dog did the shopping and who had tea with bears.  I remember that the town's people shunned her until they needed her help when there was a flood.  The idea that
she did not turn her back on them even though they had treated her unkindly is very stron and I feel an important message today.  I sincerely hope that this book is reprinted soon.

WOW, I had no idea how popular Miss Twiggley's Tree is outside of my own home that is.  Both of my sons have thoroughly enjoyed this book, so much sothat I was looking for a new copy only to stumble upon it's popularity.  I am hopeful that Miss Twiggley's Tree will go into reprint in the new future and until that time, I will treasure the copy my family has.

I blame this book for my lifelong love of eccentric, self-sufficient female characters, one of which I suspect I am quickly becoming.  I am fortunate to own my original copy, which is still in very good shape, too.

Greetings. I just spoke to you on the phone about your copy of Miss Twiggly's Tree (which you just sold a few hours ago!)I have been searching for this book for a few years now, it was my wife's favorite when she was a little girl.Please inform me asap if you get another copy, or if the book is indeed going to go back into print.Thank you for your time and effort on this one!

I found a copy in my local library, but they wouldn't sell it.  I would love to share this favorite of mine with my children.  Any help in locating a copy would be greatly appreciated.

I just bought (or received as a gift from my husband) Miss Twiggley's Tree on eBay for $65.  And now to find it is being republished!

I had searched for the book for YEARS -- in libraries, used bookstores, everywhere.  My original childhood copy is nowhere to be found.  This is such a delightful story filled with rich, fun illustrations and a great moral.  Now that I have two young children I am excited to share it with them.  I remember wanting to live in a tree house after reading the book as a child.  I also remember sleeping in my hat, a la Miss Twiggley.  Glad there are other Twiggly-ites out there!

I received this book for my 6th birthday from my little freind Catherine Brown. I loved the book and read it over and over until I had the entire book memorized. That was of course many years ago but I still know most of the book by heart! I kept and cherrished my copy so that I could share it with my own precious children. I think they must have been a bit too young, as they tore it all up one day when they were supposed to be napping. That was a long time ago too and I have been searching for a replacement ever since. For the most part no one had ever heard of it. And when I did locate a copy, the asking price was over $600.00! I was thrilled beyond belief to hear that it is being reprinted. This is a sweet story about a shy lady who is mistreated but answers with mercy and kindness. The last page of the book reads: "...And Miss Twiggley learned something wonderful too: When emergencies come, you don't think about you. You help all that you can and you never ask why, Then the next thing you know, you forget to be shy." This is such a lovely thought and something that every person, regardless of age, should take to heart.

I am so excited to hear about the republishing of this wonderful, sweet, warm, mesmorizing book.  It was truley my favorite growing up.  I'm 38 now, have my original book still, and can't wait to buy more for my brother, sister, and my nieces and nephews.  I have it memorized too, and have read it at my childrens elementary school often.  I will be donating a copy to their school this fall, so every child can feel the love. Thank you, I've been looking for so long.

I thought I was nuts-but today I found out I am part of a special club of Miss Twiggley's Tree lovers.  That book is so dear to my heart!!  I spent 8 years tracking down on original copy of it. I know most of it by heart and I intend to make sure my 4 children do too!!!!!  I could use another copy or two!!

I would like 6 copies of the reprinted Miss Twiggley's Tree. Thank you so much for this great find. This will make a great Christmas gift for our 4 children plus my 2 brothers. We grew up loving this story. 

Parents Magazine Press used to have a book club to which my mother belonged. That's where all of those wonderful books came from. It's so nice to meet people who loved the same books as children. My personal favorite Is Miss Twiggley's Tree. 

I thought about this book recently when tree sitter John Quiggley got arrested. I never forgot the lines: Old Miss Twiggley lived in a tree, with a dog named Puss and a color TV. She did what she liked and liked what she did, but when company came, Miss Twiggley hid!  I am so glad this book is back in print. Too bad it's a little late for my son, he's 14 now. 

Thanks so much for the notification - however, my mom was able to dig up my very own copy from when I was a little girl.  God Bless attics!!!  I'm glad though, that today's children will have access to this wonderfully sweet story!

Dorothea Warren Fox,  Miss Twiggley's Tree.  It is utterly amazing that I came across this site and the wealth of information about my all-time favorite book.  It is the reason I learned to read, to memorize words, and to love to write.  I have searched for information about Mrs. Fox for quite some time, but this is the first time I have run across anything like this. Does anyone have any information about her or if she is alive? A book like this, that has created so many fond childhood memories for so many people, should not go unrecognized.   I was fortunate that my parents saved my first copy from thirty-something years ago for me to share with my own children today. Pleas post any information as to her whereabouts if you have any. Thanks.

Dorothea Warren Fox, Miss Twiggley's Tree.  My Mom wouldn't part with her copy of Miss Twiggley's Tree --- my favorite book. Her hardcover book is tattered and torn from use by 9 kids. I requested it through interlibrary loan, and really had to stop myself from pretending I'd lost it and paying the fine so I could keep it. It's my birthday in a month, and I was going to treat myself by finding an old used copy on the web. I was SO EXCITED to learn it had been reprinted and that I could get a new one! I didn't know a clay-mation type video had been made in 2002. It rather made me sad as my nastalgia doesn't want me to see it any other way than the original book!

Dorothy Warren Fox,  Ms. Twiggleys Tree. This was such a wonderful book.  My mother and sisters and I have been searching for this book since I can rememeber.  I am so excited that I have found it.  I have forwarded this information to my mother and sisters and they are excited as well.  We all can't wait to read it again and share with our children.  It was such a special story and I know my children will love it as well.

Dear Harriett:  Oh my gosh! I bought Miss twiggley's tree for my friend and now I want a copy for myself and so does my mom! Do you have anymore? Thanks!

I have been searching the WWW for a rare used copy of Miss Twiggley's Tree by Dorthea Warren Fox published in 1966. Stumbling across your pages, I find reference to it via another complete nutcase looking for the same book. I was lucky: I remembered the title correctly and found the author but cannot find ANY reference to it on any book related site! ANYONE with a copy who wants to part with it for some cold (English) cash please contact me!

Hi-I had this book when I was a kid. It was probably published in the sixties. It's about an eccentric woman who lives in a tree. All the people in her town make fun of her, but when there is a big rain storm, and everyone is flooded out, they are forced to seek shelter from Miss Twiggley, and they find she's a great person. If you can find this one, you'll save me the daunting task of looking for it in my parents' attic in Wisconsin, where it may or may not be!

It's about a woman who lives in a tree, sleeps in her hat, befriends bears and is disliked by the mayor's wife I can recite it word for word and learned to read from it. Now I would like to have a copy for my own daughter. My copy didn't survive my siblings.

The book I am looking for is about a woman whose house is in a tree. When there is a flood, she invites others to stay with her. I remember a picture of a bear in yellow rain gear. It may have been a weekly reader book ordered at school or a book of the month club selection. (I was born in 1966) It may have the title of Mrs. Terwilligers Treehouse, but don't count on it. Can you help me?

Miss Quiggley's Tree was one of my sisters favorite books when we were kids.  It's long gone of course, but wouldn't it be great to see it again.  The story involved a woman who I believed lived in the tree.  I do believe there was a storm in the story too. The book was a thin easy to read paperback, meant for young children. Can you help? 

If you ever find this book and the previous people on the list no longer want it please please please contact me.  This book means a lot to a very close friend of mine who  grew up close to where the tree in the story is. She now has three children of here own and would like to have a copy of the book to share with them. Thank you for your time :}

I have one of these rare books, but would like to have one for a great-grand child.

I to remember Miss Twiggley's Tree from my childhood and would love to pass the tale along to my son.  I would be most grateful for any help you could give me in locating it.

I am so glad there are other people that loved this book.  I began searching for this book years ago.  I had my childhood copy but it was destroyed in a flood.  I finally saw one by a library loan program.  I tracked down the author and talked to her on the phone.  She said that her family was trying to republish it.  It was great to tell her how great the book was and how I lived it as a child.  I would love to find a copy for my children.

I got chills when I saw the cover of this book on this sight.  I worked at a  used bookstore for three years and never came across it.  Always had my eyes out for it. When I was a child my mother and sister would read me this book so often, that they know the whole first half by heart.  It is very dear to me also.  I want to have it to read to my kids.  I have found it on other websites for over a $100.00.  Found a couple for under.  They always wind up being gone when I send the check.  This book needs to be published again.  For me and for every child this book was special too, and so it can be special to a new child.  Someone on here said they spoke to the author,and she was trying to republish.  I hope it is, and I will be the first one to buy it. 

My sister and I share a love for this sweet book that we grew up with.  While we'd both die for a copy, we'd gladly take turns or leave at our mother's house for our children to enjoy.  I'll wish you luck in your searches!

I was given the book as a child from my uncle and his wife. My brother and I adored the book.  We loved the illustrations and the message too.  We tried to our own tree house, but living in the desert was tough on that dream. Now I live in Ohio, and my twins daughters love Miss Twiggley too.  My copy is quite dog eared and beat up.  Do you think that the publisher will reprint any time soon?

My children loved Miss Twiggly's Tree so much when they were young that it finally fell apart. We literally read it almost everynight for many years.  I am now to the point that my children are having children, and I would like to find a copy of this book to read to my grandchildren.  However, it is very difficult to find.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bix Pix Entertainment company has made a clay-mation video out of Miss Twiggley's Tree.  It is great!  It has won awards.  See www.bixpix.com Good luck.

I have an original copy of this book, in bad shape and would like a newer copy or reprint for my daughter.   This was my favorite book and in the shape it is in it will not make it to my grandchildren.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank You

I've been searching for Miss Twiggly's Tree for several years for my two young children.  It turns out that my sister has our original copy! She has a young child too so we will have to share it. Thats better than not having at all!

I don't know why I decided to do an Internet search fo Miss Twiggley's Tree other than the fact that it was one of my all time favorites as a child.  I am 41 years of age and must have gotten the book when I was about 7.  I read it every night...and I do mean everynight.  It still sits on the bookshelf in my home along with copies of Miss Suzy, The Old Black Witch and Did You Ever....all of which were ordered through a bookclub at my school.  Even sitting here at work, not having opened the book for at least fifteen years when my niece and nephews were children I remember the first few lines "Funny Miss Twiggley lived in a tree, with a dog named Puss and a color TV, She did what she liked and she liked what she did, but when company came, Miss Twiggley hid."  This book and it's message meant so much to me as a child that it is heartwarming to see that I was not alone and that there are still people who remember its warm message.  Thanks for the memories.

I loved this book as well. Wanted to find it for my daughter. Let me know if anyone finds copies.

After literally YEARS of searching for this book, my husband found a copy on the www that I purchased tonight.  I am elated! This book came to me in a reader's book club around the time it was published in 1966.  Does anyone remember Just Only John, Harvey's Hideout, Old Black Witch, The Grown-Up Day, Miss Suzy or Eighteen Cousins?  Although I have all my originals, some of them are severely water damaged and I am in the process of replacing most of them.  They are treasures that need to be republished for another generation of children.  I would buy as many copies of Miss Twiggley as I could find/afford. So good to know so many others feel the same way

 It's official! We're reissuing Miss Twiggley, I got the signed contracts today :-) I'll have more info next week.  -- Jill, Publisher, Purple House Press

Miss Twiggley's Tree was my favorite book as a child and I have passed it on to my daughter.  After reading comments from so many others, I realized that this book touched so many peoples hearts.  To the person who mentioned the book with the lady who had a yak and her alligator saved the town from a flood, the book is Alexander and the Magic Mouse by Martha Sanders.  It was one of my favorites as well!

My sister and I loved Ms Twiggley's Treehouse when we were kids.  Like so many others our book somehow was lost over the years.  However, I did find out that www.bixpix.com has made the story into a claymation movie.  They are currently selling copies for $15.99 which is far less than the book costs.  I've already received my copy and I'm happy to report it is true to the original story.  Supposedly the book may be reprinted soon!

Dear Twiggley Friends,
Hold on to your best sleeping hats!!!  FINALLY, our clay animated home video, "Miss Twiggley's Tree" is available for purchase through our website, www.bixpix.com. Thank you for being such patient and loyal Twiggley FANS.  The timeless tale of "Miss Twiggley's Tree" will be a welcome addition to the new year.  For all the details please stay tuned to www.bixpix.com.
Sincerely,  Bix Pix Entertainment


I loved this book as a child.  I've been searching forever for a copy of Miss Twiggley's tree. I rememer as a child asking my mother to read it to me over and over again.  It makes me feel safe and secure even today when I think about the book, its pictures and its message.  I am now 26 years old and I would love to share this story with my two children. 

I'm really happy to see Miss Twiggley's Tree being reprinted! I had it as a child and just loved the story and particularly the illustrations. I could look at the pictures for hours and imagine myself in that tree house! I looked for it for years at the local library but couldn't remember the exact name. Then last night I was digging through boxes of old books that "came with" an old house my friend bought and unbelievably, I found an original copy of the book! It has some taped pages and is musty but I was so excited to find it everyone laughed at me! I never realized so many people were looking for this book! It's a wonderful fantasy story, what child wouldn't love the idea of living in a treehouse? My family  thinks I'm nuts.

Thank you so much, I recieved  my Miss Twiggley's Tree book,  It brought back such a warm feeling what a great Christmas, Now I have the book for when I have grandchildren! Thanks Again!   Happy Holidays!!

I am utterly thrilled that this book is available again.  Our family had this book in our collection when I was a child.  I think we got it from the book club at  school.  My mother graciously loaned many of our books, including this one, to others and we never saw it again.  It is a precious childhood memory of ours that contains a valuable lesson.  Thank you, Purple House for reprinting this gem.

Dorthea Warren Fox Illustrator, Twiggles.  To the person who inquired as to the value of a watercolor painted and signed by Dorthea Warren Fox, I have a set of the Britannia Jr. Portfolio watercolors also and I recently (2003) had them appraised and each was valued at $250.00 each if not more.

Dorothea Fox, Miss Twiggley's Treehouse.  My adult daughter asked me for our copy of this book, but I had already given it away.  I found it on this website and ordered it for her.  She got it yesterday and called to tell me that it was the best gift she has gotten in many years.  Now, she'll read it to her children and continue to feel good as she reads it to them.

dorthea fox, miss twiggleys tree.  I live up the street from Mrs. foxes old home.The true story is that in the flood of 1955 mrs. Fox had a tree house built and she lived in it when her home in connecticut was flooded.Years later after the flood, the tree and tree house were taken down and now 50 years later all that is left is the stump.What inspired her to write "Miss Twiggleys Tree" is what i just told you.

Dorothea Warren Fox,  Miss Twiggley's Treehouse.  I have always remembered this story and know as a child it was read to me hundreds of times. It story was magical and Miss Twiggley was a neighbor I was sure should know. Last year, I looked for my old friend in my mother's attic, but did not find it. I shared this loss with my younger brother. Several weeks later, my childhood friend magically appeared in his hands. He had taken it to college years earlier, with the hope of making Miss Twiggley and her treehouse into a wonderous children's stage play. He admitted that the artist's images could not be transformed to stage to his satisfaction. The book is worn, the binding is cracked and the pages may have a smear of chocolate here and there. I don't mind. I always thought that Jessica Tangy would have been a wonderful Miss Twiggley. Thanks for letting me share.

Dorothy Warren Fox, Ms. Twiggleys Tree.  I cannot believe there are so many others that love this book as much as I did as a child and still do! The book belonged to my uncle but my Grandmother (his Mother) read it to me my entire childhood or at least until I could recite it verbatim! He eventually had his own child and wanted the book for himself (it was his after all!) I begged for many years for the book but he wouldn't give in....the day before I married he handed it over as a wedding gift to me and I am not sure if he realizes even now 5 years later how much it means to his 30 year old niece to have that book. :) 

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