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Chris Chapman of Birmingham, AL

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The iPhone countdown is on. As most of my friends know, I love "converged" devices. For months I craved getting the Nokia 770 just to surf the web at home. But, for the most part, I do restrain from purchasing every gadget that flows down the pike. However, there is something about finding that perfect personal communicator/organizer/web browser that is exciting.

In 2002, I was definitely an "early adapter" to converged devices. I purchased a Handspring (now Palm) Treo 180 [see picture above]. I changed cell phone carriers (before number portability) just to be able to purchase the newest Treo 600 from Sprint when it was released.

Finally, the madness stopped (subsided) when my company issued a Blackberry (7520 by Nextel) to me. In fact, I'm now slipping back into obsolescence as I maintain an old Blackberry 7250 on Cingular/AT&T. So, the "converged device" game is seemingly moving on.

I have two close friends that actually own a company dedicated to developing and selling sofware for Windows Mobile devices (like the new Treo 700). Yet, here I sit with an old Blackberry.

Well, will the consumer bug bite once again? Can I resist the power of Steve Jobs? Indeed, I can.

I've discovered, long ago, that the killer device must have a thumb board. This is the logic I used to terminated the Nokia 770 purchase decision. I love smart phones, no doubt. I wouldn't turn down an iPhone. But, hardware design and a thumb-based QWERTY keyboard are paramount. I think many other early adapters to Blackberrys and Treos will also feel my pain and conflict. I am very skeptical that a touch screen can deliver.

When it is time to make that personal phone purchase, I guess I'll have to settle for the Blackberry Curve, and just dream that iTunes will sync with my device. After all "converged" devices are all about compromises.

To help me with my struggle against the hype-machine that is iPhone, my family gave me a 30GB video iPod to hold off temptation, for now. I want to thank them for the wonderful birthday and father's day gift. At least my family can understand my pain. :)
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