Christopher A. Chapman

Chris Chapman of Birmingham, AL

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Fairest is a project to try to find the prettiest image in the world, using voting and some algorithms. Images are user-submitted and user-moderated."

My wife, and probably others, will love to see what images are "fairest" of them all. I snagged this great link from the always informative and entertaining that I watch nightly on TiVo.

Moving on...

I've finally taken a couple of days off of work to rest up for the Iron Bowl. While resting, we've rearranged some furniture in the house and tried to establish an "office" arrangement for Lynn in the sunroom. Why should you care? Because, I may get to her laptop (or a backup of the laptop) in order to get to images. Said images will be posted to Family Photos eventually. Hang in there!


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