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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Arenas TD

Javier Arenas, a true freshman from the Tampa, FL area, shows off his "shake and bake" at Alabama's second fall scrimmage earlier today. I hope that Javier is really really good. I also hope that our punt return coverage is not as bad as what you see in this video.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The board is set. Commissioner Richey Boyd is ready for the games to begin. Now everyone prays for preseason to end without seeing their star players injured. Posted by Picasa
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Rachel and Wilson, the final two slots in the draft, cheer their good fortune. Rachel took the big gamble and scooped-up Reggie Bush. Let's see if this President can reconstruct New Orleans. Since I'm counting on Drew Brees as my starting QB, I'm really, really hoping that Bush makes and immediate impact. Posted by Picasa
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Draft day 2006 at Regions has come and gone. Ah, the sadness just hit me last night. Marshall Faulk is now "undraftable." Many tears were shed. Posted by Picasa
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Ethan enjoys dinner. Notice the band-aid on his head? It covers the hole that was put there by a rock.

Ethan fell (actually, he was pushed over by one of the kids in the neighborhood) last week. We went to Children's Hospital for the first time. Oh joy. Two little stitches to fix the quarter-size hole.

We hope the scar's not too big. Hey, at least he'll look tough.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

As we move closer and closer to the football season, every little news tidbit about Bama football must be reviewed. Wallace Wade, the first coach to win a National Championship at Alabama, is part of the new promenade in front of the stadium. I can't wait to see how great the place looks after all of the changes and seat additions. C'mon September 2nd. Get here!

If you have not checked out the Family Photo section lately, I've loaded pictures up to the beginning of August. I know that Aunt Brenda found them. I just received a nice email from her.

My little digital camera is "dead." Hopefully, a repair is possible sooner rather than later. We now rely on Lynn's Nikon D70 for all shots. Although that camera is pretty incredible, it is not what I want to take on this year's scheduled rafting trip, football games, or random quick trips to the zoo with the kids. Posted by Picasa
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