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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally! Proof that Amelia is here. Please, as usual, go to the Family Photos section of the web site to take a look at pictures from the hospital.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. So far, things are going well for me. Lynn's Mom is handling laundry, food, and good helpings of Ethan. Lynn is handling Amelia. I'm just putting the house together (yard work, even). Tomorrow is the first day back to work. I know I'll miss my new daughter greatly.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

Hopefully, this photo will post successfully from my phone. Here's Amelia's first time on the Internet. Things are a little tricky when you have to type with one hand (on the cell phone) while the other arm is holding your daughter.

It should be noted and praised that Lynn's childbirth was 100 percent natural. And 100 percent painful. She got to the hospital at 4 and was admitted to a room at 6. No time for an epidural. The arrival at 7:07 was very quick. Now, it's just about 11 PM and we're getting ready for bed.
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Amelia Chapman

Amelia Moore Chapman was born a few hours ago. Vitals:
Date of Birth: September 16, 2005
Time of Birth: 7:07 PM
Weight: 8lb, 5oz
Head: 13"
Length: 20"

Everyone is doing fine. Byron Cawthon and Ethan will meet Amelia tomorrow morning. Ann Cawthon, Daphne & Curt Chapman, and Carrie Anne & Massey Willingham all got first glimpses.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

meebo.com is an Instant Messenger "portal" that requires no software downloads and can put all of your buddies and services in one place. Excellent concept. Still in Alpha, but this is a good way (it appears) to avoid all the junk/spyware associated with running the AIM client, etc.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This weekend, a baby may arrive. In addition, I hope to be buying tickets to see the Kings of Leon.

This incredible band will play in Birmingham to a crowd of under 1000 people. Not bad for a group that's sold 3 million albums in the UK. This band from Nashville has a unique (to me at least) sound that reminds me of the "good old days" when bands like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins were revolutionizing pop music for the 90's. There are other bands that I like these days... but these guys are really good. Kind of like The Strokes and 'Skynard in a Mash-UP. Er, sorta.

They were featured in NPR's All Songs Considered in August. An older song is currently being used to sell VW Jettas. These guys are not bad. Along with Beck, these guys have my favorite album for 2005. For those that dare to use Windows Media Player (guilty), their latest videos are on the web site. The semi-hit single"The Bucket" (low res.) is a good example of their chops.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

My sister "announced" to the world last weekend that a new baby is on the way at the end of March. Congratulations, Willinghams from Birmingham!
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LibriVox is all about providing free audio books to the masses. Joseph Conrad is first up. Any book that is part of the public domain is a target. I certainly cannot vouch for the quality, but I love the idea.
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The PocketMod just got some recognition from Boing Boing and Lifehacker. So, as a result, you may not be able to witness the simple goodness of this planning "assistant" if the site is getting pounded by others checking it out.

Since I really have made the switch (mostly) from Treo to Blackberry, the personal need for this organizer is low. But, this does scream ingenuity. For those mildly obsessed with organization (or the need to actually remember important stuff, check out the templates found in Pocket Mod: The Fee Disposable Personal Organizer. Neat idea.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, while I'm at it.... another set of pictures is also up. 5 albums published in one evening. Whew.

I went whitewater rafting with Birmingham-Southern friends two weekends ago. We stayed at Lake Junaluska and hit the Nantahalla in "funyaks" on Friday. Then, we caught the big rapids of the Ocoee (including the Olympic course) on Saturday. Very nice! I forgot to take the camera to Tuscaloosa last weekend for the first football game. Too bad. As always, there were lots of "Kodak moments" at the quad. Guess the memories will have to do.
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I've been promising (for some time) to post new pictures. Now, just before the true labor pains of my wife kick into high-gear (false labor seems to have arrived a few times already), I give you 99 photos spread across four albums.

As always, please click on the "Family Photos" link on the right side of the page. From there, the first four albums (listed in most-recently taken photo order) will have new pictures.

After 2 years and 9 months, my boy finally gets a haircut. The "hippie" days are over for Ethan. In late July, Ethan went to his final Day Care party at South Highland Presbyterian's Child Development Center.... and got a Big Boy bed. All sorts of changes. This marked the end of Lynn's 11-year employment at SouthTrust. Wachovia now runs the show, so we decided that this was a great chance to take a "break" and add to the family. Hence, the pending arrival of my daughter Amelia.

In addition, there are plenty of firefighter "action shots" at Barrett's birthday party. Finally, I go "way back" and publish 4th of July photos from our Lake Junaluska trip.

So, realistically, the next message you get will probably focus on the arrival of a baby girl. For now, focus on Ethan. His exclusive run is almost done!

In other news...

I'm really proud of my company's response to the hurricane. 190 branches in LA, MS, and AL were down for some portion of last week. Only 39 remain closed. 35 are in metro NOLA. We have aproximately 1550 employees impacted. Over 1300 have "reported-in."

Here's some highlights of my company's response to its employess....
Comments from Executive Management:
“Regions is continuing to support its associates, customers and communities in the horrible wake of Hurricane Katrina,” said Regions President and Chief Executive Officer Jackson W. Moore. “Thankfully, we have heard from the majority of our associates in the most heavily impacted areas, and are grateful that of those none have sustained serious physical injury.

“Of course the impact the storm has had on them is almost unimaginable,” Moore said. “For example, one of the calls we had to the associate hotline was from an employee who was trapped on the roof of a house and called to see if we could help – which we did by contacting the emergency management officials about the situation. More commonly, we’ve arranged for temporary housing, gotten folks cash for food, delivered ice and the like, all of which will continue as we go forward.”
- The company has made contact with the majority of the 1,550 of its associates who lived in the most heavily storm-impacted areas.
- All associates from those storm-impacted areas will automatically receive their Sept. 15 and Sept. 30 paychecks.
- Associates can also call the company to discuss specific emergency needs they have; the Regions Associates Assistance Fund is meeting those on a case-by-case basis. Associates are donating generously to this fund, and the company is matching their contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis.
- The company has been distributing emergency water, ice, gasoline and personal supplies to associates on the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coasts and in Baton Rouge, La., an effort that will continue in the coming weeks.
I know the folks in Procurement, etc. are working near non-stop to get aid to our employees. It really is amazing. During the merger, I've been working (every other week) in Birmingham with two associates located in New Orleans. One has a total loss of her house. The other still has her house under 20 feet of water (this is after the levy was fixed) and her new car was in the driveway while she was on a trip to Vegas. She has 14 people in Birmingham hotel rooms while she works up here this week. She basically has nothing esle. Both ladies only have the clothes that they traveled with for their respective business trips. Pray for Linda and Rose and their respective families.

In addition, my good friend the SHARK (Claibourne Stanford) is free-and-clear of danger in Hattiesburg, MS. I still think power is out there. If not, it was just restored on Tuesday. Here's a re-publish of an email I received from his office..

Just thought I'd give you an update on what's going on here in Hattiesburg. When I talked to you on Monday I did not know what the storm was doing to the surrounding areas. It was pretty mild at our house; 4 trees down, a little fence damage, but no house damage. We're lucky. There are trees down everywhere. We couldn't get out of our neighborhood for 2 days. Thankfully the "redneck brigade" (coined by one of my partners) came along on 4 wheelers, armed with chainsaws to clear a path through the debris. They must know something I don't. I was always told to stay away from downed power lines, but these guys were cutting through trees with all kinds of lines tangled up in them.

We didn't have water for 4 days. We've got it now, but there is a boil notice. I'm sticking with bottled water for now. We got phone service back on Thursday or Friday. We still don't have power. It might be another week; at least that's what they're telling us.
We opened the office today. Not many patients came. I think I saw 10 in total, about half of normal. After work I went home and got out the generator and chainsaw that I bought yesterday. My generator will run 6000 watts max (about 5200 average) which should do the job for lights, fans, TV, etc. The gasoline lines are not too bad now. They're really bad in Jackson, which is where Caroline and Jackson and the dogs are. I'll go up there this weekend, and they'll come back w/ me if we get our power back.
One of the hospitals in Hattiesburg shut down for a few days. Forrest General lost it's power (something happened to the generator) and nobody could flush any of the toilets because they are sensor flush--you can't do it manually. Even though we admit over there and have privileges, we really don't go over there that much. I'm glad about that because from what I hear it was about 100 degrees and smelled like a big turd inside the place. Since Wesley is owned by Triad they got generators out on the road the next day and sent nurses and other medical personnel from its other hospitals to our hospital, so we have been doing okay.
I didn't know this until I got out tonight (I'm at my office right now), but we have a curfew in Hattiesburg starting at 8pm. What a crock! Maybe I'll get pulled over on the way home. That would figure!
I need to go shower and then head back to the house. Say hello to Lynn and Ethan for me. Hope you guys are doing okay.
Not a fun place. I hate that Hattiesburg's home team, the University of Southern Mississippi (that is currently practicing at the University of Memphis) has to visit UA this weekend. It will be hard to root against a team from that area at this time.

Finally, it should be noted that Brian Adams (a good friend of the family that is an Army JAG in Germany) will be re-deployed to Iraq in November. I'm sure that the first time around was so much fun that he's just counting the days until he has to show up again. Yuck.
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