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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A few things...

One, my parents had the camera for a big Alaska trip, so photos are slower to arrive. Lynn's taken several with her D70, but bank conversion work has made posting a rare thing.

Two, I've discovered TiVo. More time is really now spent watching episodes of Family Guy and the like.

Three, Alabama kicks-off in 10 days. I haven't memorized the roster yet. But, I must scan the message boards with vigor.

Four, the annual Fantasy Football draft for work was yesterday.

Five, tomorrow I leave for a trip with four other guys to whitewater raft on the Nantahalla and Ocoee rivers.

Six, Google just continues to offer cool stuff. Heck, I've been so busy that I actually waited one day to try using Google Talk. As expected, everything seems to work fine. I have it loaded to GAIM without issue. If you'd like to look me up, the "user name" (my gmail account) is: Chris.Chapman

Seven, my Blackberry is still "new" and holds frustrations. It consumes some time.

Eight, see my last post below about the Nokia 770. The next "must have" gadget in the Chapman household. I hope.

Sigh. Life is busy when you are having fun.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One more thing that should be mentioned.

The perfect device to surf the web while watching football (when the wife is with my laptop) will hit the streets in the next couple of months. This could be the next great toy!

Getting TiVo was just the start.... The Nokia 770 looks like it was made for me. Check out the Internet Tablet Talk web site for some up-to-the minute fanboy gossip on this kewl device.
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Whew. I just spent almost an entire evening trying to figure out how to use Blackberry Messaging. The BlackberryForums.com web site got me "hooked-up." Now, I need to get some rest.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find time to place some applications onto the handheld. It is a slow migration form the Palm OS to this. The Blackberry is definately not a Treo. But, it is still a pretty neat little device. To show my ever-increasing geakiness, I'll add my 'berry PIN and Nextel DC to the contact information in my signature line. Slowly, maybe others will starty using the Blackberry as well.
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Monday, August 01, 2005

Maybe I'll get back to posting pictures soon. Barrett's birthday party provided lots of opportunities and action shots. Well, in the meantime, I'll continue to mess with the TiVo and read posts on Alabama's shot at competing in the SEC this year.

Now, for a glimpse into the life of Chapman... Lynn just retired from SouthTrust last week and Ethan's last day of school at South Highlands was last Thursday afternoon. Hopefully, I'll post some pictures soon!
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