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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The following masterpiece is lifted straight from Cool Hunting. I obviously link from this site more than any other. Although I religously read Engadget and Gizmodo, it is a rare day when Josh Rubin's site fails to deliver. Anyway, check out the cool graphic below...

B\"A\" is for AtlanticMetroa

Radio City Letter HR version 1lopes_iS

lomo - squaredcircleuvS

Kdsc05247WLetter L

\"P\" Uneon sign IX Tiger & Malcolm
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My parents arrived this weekend to "save the day" and help re-arrange furniture in our baby girl's room. Next week, they are off to Alaska for a month-long vacation/retirement celebration.

After working hard, we went with my parents and met the Birmingham Willingham clan for some Sneaky Pete's Hot Dog action. Ethan is a big fan. Plus the sauce on the dog is one of those Birmingham things that visitors just have to have.

To thank my parents, we shipped them to the Willinghams to spend the night!

Anyway, next weekend we'll be up at Lake Junaluska for the 4th of July (along with Brenda Logan and the Willinghams from the 'ham). Ethan and Barrett put on their outfits and practiced for next week's parade.

In other news, Lynn's recent acquisition of a Nikon D-70 camera. means nothing but good pictures. Well, when she's shooting and I stay far from the lens. All of the "practice" 4th of July photos and more mid-year pictorial from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens were taken with this new camera. The "quality" may not look that stunning, since I re-sized the pictures for the web. But, the clarity should still show through.

Bottom line, you'll get a kick out of reviewing the Father's Day photos in the "Family Pictures" section of this site. All recent pictures are located in that folder. Have a good week.
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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here's a test of the new posting capabilities of Blogger. Instead of using Picasa software to publish photos with no "fuss," the Blogger posting site now allows image uploads right in a browser. Anyway, back to the photo above.... Ethan's book was so good, that I had to put down my Blackberry.

One of these days, I might get to use a Blackberry that isn't just totally locked-down by the email admin at the bank. Until then, my heart continues to long for the Sprint Treo 600. This Nextel Blackberry 7520 could do more that I may give it credit, but it is still a step back in time.
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Ethan tries to "tickle the baby." Dressed in his "frog boy" towel, Ethan really wants to meet his sister. Father's Day photos are now up in the Family Photos link. Click away. Also, plenty of pictures were added to the "Ethan takes a Spring Vacation" album over the last few days. I guess there are almost 100 new pictures to review. Posted by Hello
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Friday, June 10, 2005

A nice little sketch of Ethan by his Uncle Woody Compton. Pretty neat, eh? Uncle Woody and Aunt Kim live in Alachua, FL just down the street from Ethan's Grandma and Papa.

Woody deals in high-end, high-fidelity equipment for a living. On the side, he fabricates drum kits. Great craftsmanship. In addition, he still keeps busy as an illustrator. See his work here at the comic Is This Tomorrow?

Kim, an artist in her own right (a certifiable BFA and MFA to her credit), works for the Evil Empire, The University of Florida, in the Alumni office. Among other things, she coordinates big parties for big wigs. Even I must admit that hanging out with Urban Meyer and Charlie Strong (very famous football coaches) can't be that bad.Posted by Hello
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My father-in-law just remarried after about 25 years. His new bride, Lan, is a native and current resident of Vietnam. Yes, she's still overseas. Lan gets to the USA in early November. Should make for an enteraining Christmas. New baby, frantic Ethan, and a new grandmother that is new to English (and very new to 'Southern). Sounds like a movie-in-waiting. Or, at least a sitcom. Posted by Hello
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