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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Next year I'll be taller than Uncle Sam! Posted by Hello
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Ethan strikes another pose on the front steps... the 4th of July anticipation is high! Posted by Hello
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Ethan gets in the 4th of July spirit. Next Saturday is the parade day at Lake Junaluska, NC. I just purchased some flags this morning. Also, a new digital camera is charging and awaiting use. Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The following link is a .pdf of the User Guide to the Sidekick II on the FCC site. Very big fan of Danger's Hiptop model (known as the T-Mobile Sidekick). Had one for a few days, but the reception in my office was non-existant. Plus, it is pretty big [think brick!]. Still, the keyboard was great and the "flip" screen truely made it a mini-laptop of a device. Shame that it doesn't sync to the PC. Take a look here.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Big Story on SouthTrust's purchase by Wachovia. Lynn's employer for 11 years is going away. Very sad day in Birmingham.Bloomberg.com: Top Worldwide
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Ethan tries to sit still before Father's Day activites begin. Lots of running happened later in the day. Posted by Hello
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Ethan stand on everything. He tries to gain height by any means possible. He took a break from climbing on the stool to pounce on the tray of his high chair. Posted by Hello
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Ethan and Dad have a Father's Day portrait. Posted by Hello
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Here's Lynn and Ethan on Father's Day just before Church. As you can see, he's not into getting his picture made anymore. Posted by Hello
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Ethan gets ready for Father's Day by "combing" his hair. Still not much up there. Posted by Hello
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Ethan had big shoes to fill while I was in Florida last week. As "Man of the House," he tried to assist Mommy. Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I am in Palm Beach at the Ritz Carlton. I was just treated to a very late lunch by Lee Thrasher of CSC.

Perfect place for margaritas by the ocean if my head wasn't hurting so much from the sinus infection. The weather is perfect (cooler than B'ham and light high clouds). Just finished ironing all of my clothes. I may jump in the ocean before the cocktail party begins. Pretty sad to be "free" and ready to have fun, but the antibiotics haven't started working yet!

btw, flight left at 7, but b/c of shuttle delays, I got here after 2:30 cst. Oh well.

Two pix, shot from the plane as we apprach Palm Beach and view from my room window. Can't tell from the picture, but I'm on the 4th floor overlooking the pool and ocean. Nice.
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Plane shot of Palm Beach in the distance.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Ethan hugs on "Grammy" during her weekend visit.
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Cool dude hangs with his Mommy.
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Barrett mugs for the camera at Massey's graduation.
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Barret found that crawling on concrete can hurt the knees. To avoid problems, he walks on his handa and feet.
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Massey graduated on Saturday. Here is the new dentist with his brother Mark.
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why I haven't metioned this before? I haven't a clue. But YOU need to try it out. A great way to read lots of Blogs and web news sites fast. Click on the link.SharpReader RSS Aggregator
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OK, I've created lots of entries in the Family Pix section (see post below). But, this may be the "cream of the crop".... Posted by Hello
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OK, I've added lots of family photos in the "Family Photo" album. Click on the link to Family Potos on the right side of the web page. Enjoy cute shots (if they show correctly). Hopefully, Rob can help me get things straight.
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I am trying a new way to post to my web site. The BloggerBot is now functioning. As you can plainly see, Ethan loves his slide. Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Ethan plays with a yellow lab puppy while taking in the sites at Water Rock Knob. No, he didn't get to take the puppy home. Having Rudy around is plenty. If you don't take our word for it, ask the garbage man. Rudy's errant bite sent him to Dr. Mike's to be under supervision for bad behavior. What a costly mistake.
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Mom chases Rthan at the Water Rock Knob lookout area on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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Playground picture from the Memorial Day trip.
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Fun on a playground slide.
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More action at the playground.
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Playground fun.
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The family heads to the playground on a hot and sunny mountain day. Saturday was the hottest day of the trip. It probably felt like 85 degrees in direct sun. With shade and a breeze, it never felt warmer than the mid to low 70s for the entire trip.
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Ethan ran after the ducks at the lake. Big suprise there.
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Tthe family went to Lake Junaluska, NC this past Memorial Day weekend. Dad has a remote-control cement mixer for Ethan to play with. It captured his imagination for a few moments.
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