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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Last week, I flew on the corporate jet to Memphis for the day. It was my second trip to the Union Planters headquarters this month. But hey, if you've got to travel, the jet is pretty cool.
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More pix from the corp jet.
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Last picture from the corporate jet.
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Well, sitting in the plane you see here. Ready for the direct flight to Orlando on a small Jet (Embraer 135). In fact, I'm on the single-seat aisle. Very nice for Commercial. If you can't go corporate or First Class, then this is not bad.
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Last weekend, and again yesterday, we went to the newly refurbished Vulcan Park. Ethan gave me a commemorative brick last Father's Day. We couldn't find it! Here are Lynn and Ethan at the park Visitor's Center.
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We went to see cousin Joy's new baby, Chase, last Sunday. Ethan did pretty well in the car to and from LaGrange. Here's the happy kid at a gas station in Wedowee, AL.

Unfortunately, he squirmed too much to get good shots on my Treo of Ethan and Chase. You'll have to wait on Lynn's pictures via email to see Ethan and Chase.
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On Saturday night, April 17, Lynn and I finally used a babysitter (for the second night out in around 15 months) to attend a Jr. League fundraiser. The event has over 1000 families participating in a big garage sale in a bankrupt mall that's about to be demolished. We purchased a table and chair (a very small "workdesk" for Ethan to draw on) for $10 and a slide for $10. We had to pay "double" the list price b/c we selected the items at the Preview Party. The real sale is this weekend. Anyway, here's a picture of Ethan on his slide the next morning.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Ethan is getting older. But, he's also getting more intense about eating bbq. In this picture, he destroys a tray of beans and shredded pork. So much for plans to retire a bib any time soon.
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Sunday, April 11, 2004


Easter Sunday is family time. Most pictures were taken qith film. Lots of videotape as well. Anyway, while Ethan took his nap, Cousin Barrett plays with bubbles blown by Aunt Lynn. The big holiday dinner was a success (once the crying finally stopped for nap times). Barrett, Carrie Anne, and Massey were great guests... that provided vegetables and dessert!
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Saturday, April 10, 2004


After the church egg hunt, we went to the Houseman family Easter Egg hunt. Unfortunately, I was so busy chasing him and trying to use the film camera that there are no pictures to speqk of. As the hunt started, Ethan found the tricycle-type riding toys. So much for finding eggs. He could've cared less.
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Ethan 'had' a dog to play with. He twisted apart all four legs about 10 seconds after getting the dog. Within 30 minutes there was no dog head. He continued to play with the balloon throughout the day, however. Big fun by all.
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Ethan makes his balloon animal request.
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Ethan discovers the balloon artist. He is almost overwhelmed with amazement. He loves balloons. Balloons with shapes are even better.
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Ethan survey's the egg landscape. He had quite a busy day (and a 3 hour nap!) to celebrate with others in the church.
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The great Easter Egg hunt at church was held today. Ethan enjoyed himself, but did very little hunting.
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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


As you can see, Ethan gets so excited avout driving his car (in reverse), that he just slides right out of the seat!
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So, I am sitting in Ethan's room in the dark waiting for him to fall asleep. My alergies are rough, bu Ethan is at full-tilt. Lynn went to a ZTA chapter meering at BSC tonight, so I was Mr. Mom. After dinner, Rudy and I took Ethan on the normal evening stroll. Bath time just finished. Now for some peace.

When I came home, Lynn directed Ethan to his play car (he hardly noticed my arrival). Ethan loves to get in and out of the vehicle. Pretty neat! Maybe he's trying to be a true Alabamian and get ready for "white knuckle weekend" at the Talledega Superspeedway. Anyway, he only knows how to push himself backwards.
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Sunday, April 04, 2004


Well, it is Palm Sunday. Ethan was not in the Processional from Brother Bryan park to HUMC. Well, he was, but I carried him. All the other kids (older) waived their branches down two city blocks and then started the church service. A real donkey was used to lead the parade of children.
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Yet another Sunday outfit by Ann. Ethan moves too fast to ever get a good picture with my phone (poor quality camera).
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A rather chilly Palm Sunday. But, now that the time has changed, the sun no longer rises at 5:40 AM here in Birmingham. Rudy had a nice walk in the sunshine prior to church (about 45 degrees at the time). Now it is in the mid 60's with a good breeze. Very nice "outdoor chores" weather.
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